With border-free investments, Global Daler creates an intelligent management strategy with the best-of-breed products for your portfolio.

The advantage of having an international investment house like Global Daler is being able to rely on the main custodian banks in the world and getting access to the best international assets. Here, you will discover excellent possibilities to add to your assets.



for international expansion

Unique Strategy

Continuous Management

  • What is your story and what you wish to achieve now?

    We plan, develop, and implement an intelligent asset management strategy—unique for every moment in life, and for your aspirations.

    With a global view that considers all the aspects that influence asset management, we use a full client profile analysis process.

  • Global Daler is an autonomous agent that offers the best assets in the international market, in alliance with the most renowned custodian banks.

    From Brazil to Switzerland, your achievements will be closely monitored by experienced advisors. People who speak your language, respect your interests, and understand what is most valuable to you.